I don’t want your handouts — really. It’s matter of pride, I guess. (I can pay for my own hosting, dammit!) Besides, getting stuff for free just makes me feel guilty. But if you insist — like really, really insist — on offering some means of support for this purely passion project of mine, here are a few options for your generous little heart:

Amazon Wish List

Hey, just because I don’t take donations doesn’t mean Gorgonna won’t. All the items listed here are fun, “extra” stuff she doesn’t need (the wife and I have the essentials covered) but would no doubt appreciate.

Mostly Metal Wish List

Please note: I will not, and have no plans to, review any of the items listed here. So if you’re a manufacturer looking to get on my good side, forget it!


This is by far the BEST support you can give me. I’ve had the privilege to be a musician for over half my life because I had supportive parents. They had the monetary means to buy me a drum kit and lessons, and it has enriched my life in a way I never, ever could have foreseen. My heart aches knowing there are kids out there who may never even play a musical instrument — so you can help, if you want.

I’ve chosen local San Diego County charities since that’s where I’m from — but don’t let proximity halt your philanthropic motivation. If there’s a cause you believe in, just donate money to that. Or give the gift of blood. Or hair.

Forte for Children

Follow Me on Bandcamp

This is, at the very least, the most basic-ass form of support you can give me. It doesn’t cost you a penny, and I get the satisfaction of knowing someone put there is actually reading my site. The best part is that I’ll follow you back, and I’ll get to see the gobs of weirdo shit in your collection, thereby expanding my musical horizons far beyond my normal means — and vice versa. Plus, I just like hearing what people are into. Seriously, this is a win-win-win.