The Note4Note – Mayhem: PFA & Deathcrush

In this first session of the Note4Note Podcast, Chris and I dive into the music and madness of the notorious Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. We’ll be breaking down every song on each of their major releases, as well as discussing the band’s controversial beginnings and how those may (or may not) have influenced their music.

We’ll start with by dissecting Pure Fucking Armageddon, the band’s first EP. Following is a look at of the band’s sophomore EP,  Deathcrush.

We hope you enjoy going note 4 note with us!

Artwork for Mayhem's Pure Fucking Armageddon and Deathcrush EPs.

Show notes:

  • The documentary referenced early on in the podcast is Sam Dunn’s excellent Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. Highly recommended by both of us.
  • There’s some track bleed-over in the middle of the podcast. Our apologies! Wouldn’t be a first attempt without a little hiccup, but we’ll try to smooth things out in the future. For now, enjoy the sound of four of our lovely voices instead of the usual two.

Introducing the Note4Note Podcast!

Do you like listening to metal? How about listening to people talk about metal? If either of these sound like something you’d like to do while awake in the pitch black hours of the night, swinging your little one in her car seat for the fifteenth night in a row, then perk your ears up, bucko.

In my continuing quest to diversify my use for this site and make it more open to the musical side of my life, I’d like to introduce the Note4Note Podcast, a new morsel of tasty audio goodness from yours truly and fellow Mysidia member Chris Kochon. As semi-accomplished metal musicians, we’re applying our songwriting chops and obnoxious opinions and are going in deep into songs, albums, even entire band discographies, picking them apart and analyzing why they are the way they are. It’s a project we’ve been wanting to launch for nearly a year, but for one reason or another never got our shit together to sling it out there in the open. But now, I’m happy to report, the shit has been slung, it has been gathered, patted down, and molded into something we’re ready to reveal. And you can listen to our very first episode here.

The Note4Note Podcast dives into songs, albums, and discographies with a critical eye.