The Note4Note – Mayhem: Grand Declaration of War

Oh, Mayhem. You just gotta keep breaking all the rules, don’t you? That’s what Chris and I find out on the latest episode of the Note4Note Podcast with Mayhem’s fifth studio release, Grand Declaration of War.

Mayhem's 2000 release, Grand Declaration of War, depicts a dove caught in barbed wire.

Mayhem has always courted controversy, almost as a part of their overall philosophy. With Grand Declaration of War, it is infused in every track — and even a few non-tracks. What the hell am I talking about? Take a listen and hear for yourself.

This episode may be my favorite music-related thing I’ve ever done.

The Note4Note – Mayhem: Wolf’s Lair Abyss

This week, Chris and I go Note4Note all over Mayhem’s 1997 EP, Wolf’s Lair Abyss, a pivotal work in the band’s history. As Mayhem continues to evolve their sound after Euronymous’s death, we react to the band’s lineup and directional changes, make some thoughtful predictions, and almost (ALMOST) land an outro. It’s our best-sounding, most thought-provoking episode yet, so stream or download it on our Soundcloud page!

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The Note4Note – Mayhem: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

We’re back! Holy shit!

On the second episode of the Note4Note, Chris and I discuss Mayhem’s first proper studio album, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. We explore black metal as a fledgling genre, Chris shares some hot takes regarding the vocals, and I talk way, way too much about the controversial, TOTALLY UNEXPECTED (re: not unexpected, if you’re a metal fan) murder that essentially put Mayhem on the metal map.

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