The Note4Note – Mayhem: Grand Declaration of War

Oh, Mayhem. You just gotta keep breaking all the rules, don’t you? That’s what Chris and I find out on the latest episode of the Note4Note Podcast with Mayhem’s fifth studio release, Grand Declaration of War.

Mayhem's 2000 release, Grand Declaration of War, depicts a dove caught in barbed wire.

Mayhem has always courted controversy, almost as a part of their overall philosophy. With Grand Declaration of War, it is infused in every track — and even a few non-tracks. What the hell am I talking about? Take a listen and hear for yourself.

This episode may be my favorite music-related thing I’ve ever done.

I’m going off the rails on this sleepy train.

What’s this? Another boo-hoo, crybaby sleep problem blog? You better fucking believe it.

Who says dads can’t play favorites? As far as metal drumming goes, I’ll lay a solid, rapid, Gothenburg backbeat under just about anything. It’s simple, it’s straightforward. You can add a quick fill if you want, a short cascade down them toms, so long as you go right the fuck back into that one-two kick and snare punch. Maybe I’m just not that tasteful, but I’ve never had much use for, say, a shuffle.

That is, unless the shuffle in question is the one that has less to do with drumming and everything to do with how I’ve been getting a willful toddler to go to sleep. And, more importantly, stay asleep.

This magic potion, this enchanting elixir, is called the Sleep Lady Shuffle.

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Sweet Release: Shade Empire – Anti-Life Saviour (2/10)

Introducing Sweet Release, a new series where I highlight upcoming metal stuff that I hope will rock, roll, and rip us all a new one.

Shade Empire‘s Zero Nexus is one of my all-time favorites. The band conducted several experiments with their sophomore album, Intoxicate O.S., mostly in the fields of unconventional song structures and a more focused industrial sound, and Zero Nexus bears the fruits of having scrutinized the results, distilling the lessons learned into a more refined, more majestic monster. Their follow-up, 2013’s Omega Arcane, didn’t offer me the same gratification; the album wasn’t bad by any means, but it didn’t evolve their sound much. They instead chose to more deeply entrench themselves into the tropes and triumphs of Dimmu Borgir-esque symphonic black metal.

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