Sweet Release: Buioingola – Il Nuovo Mare (3/31/17)

Yes, that is a real band name. And yes, I’m excited for it. You should be, too — and not just so you can tout your ability to pronounce “Buioingola.” No, I can’t pronounce it, but I can spell it, something their label can’t even do:

Text from Sentient Ruins' Bandcamp, where the band name "Buioingola" is misspelled "Buiongola."
‘I’ after ‘e’ except after ‘bui.’

All my shithead pedantics aside, what do we make of the music?

Cvlt Nation calls ’em “darkwave/doom-crust,” which is arguably a better band name than “Buioingola” (okay, I promise I’ll stop). But I’m not quite sure if the two songs I’ve heard fit into such a strict genre definition. And I’ll admit, I don’t hear a lot of the Amebix influence in the few tracks I’ve heard, but my familiarity with punk and its myriad rebellious offspring is still rudimentary at best, so that could end up being anything.

But what I do hear is this: throaty yells and mid-tempo blast beats sandwiching dissonant distorted guitars on “Latenza” that swirl together in a stormy whirlpool of pain or angst or conflict or… something. Fuzzy bass notes punch through on “Silenzio” like a right hook from Cookie Monster, while the band’s darker side enshrouds the air. I found it difficult to breathe by its end.

Album art for Buioingola's Il Nuovo Mare.


I’ll admit I’m not crazy about the vocals (the glottal cleans in “Latenza” had me furrowing my brow at first), and they deviate pretty far from the usual blackened-everything far I’ve been listening to these days. But the songwriting is there. Buioingola has an aura of weirdness that, for all the odd genre stir fry they’ve got going on, doesn’t quite explain why I find their music so alluring. I’m looking forward to finding out why in a couple days when it releases on the 31st.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3655496022 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

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