Night Business

I’ve never been much for sitting in the dark. It is pretty metal, I guess, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of productivity. I’ve always found it easier to do stuff if I could, you know, see what I’m doing.

Now that I have a kid though, I spend a lot of time in the dark. And as time goes on, I’ve learned that all this Dark Time is just another window to Get Shit Done. What kind of shit? Glad you asked.

Listen to Metal

This makes sitting in the dark way more exciting. Taking care of a kid, working full-time – whatever you do for the majority of the day, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to catch up on the latest metal releases. So just load up your tunes on your mp3 player, grab a pair of earbuds, and rock the night away.

You should probably have one ear open to listen for any emergency cries or spit-up burps. Our music of choice does tend to get a little loud.

Read a Book

Maybe you’re the literate type of metalhead, the kind who scours the CD booklet to find out what the hell the vocalist is screaming about. Well, if you’re into all that book-learnin’, chances are you used to read before going to bed anyway. But now that you’re a parent, your reading conditions aren’t exactly great for comfy reading (unless you’re nocturnal). The good news is that smartphones, tablets, and many e-readers are all backlit to vanquish the darkness without waking up Baby. You can read up on all your online album reviews – or even this blog! And if digital isn’t your thing (those tape-trading habits die hard), there’s no shame in still reading physical books. However, you will need one of those lights that clip onto the edge of the book cover, or position yourself near the nightlight.

Write Stuff

If you’re the band’s lyricist, nothing builds up writer’s block like having to meet the demands of a wailing baby. But once she goes down, you’ve got no excuse. You can’t procrastinate because the baby in your lap makes it physically impossible for you to do anything else. Just dim the light on you smartphone (any handheld device with a word processor will do), and get those words banged out.

How do you think these blogs get written?


Maybe you are the sit-in-the-dark kind of metalhead. If so, your dark realm of peace and solitude are completely overthrown by the presence of a baby. While you might lament your lost freedom at first, you’ll find there’s still plenty of time for you to ponder the greater existential questions about life and death. Chances are you’ll see things entirely differently now that you have a kid, and that’s the kind of perspective you can’t get anywhere else, no matter how philosophical your favorite bands get.

If you’re still feeling sore about having to change up your nights on account of your baby, it’s time to get over it. You could be putting all that energy into something enjoyable and worthwhile. Don’t think of it as caring for a baby. You’re her protector, her guardian, and your child is your young ward, the heir to your throne. That’s a power metal concept album right there. This kind of genius doesn’t happen during the day.

How do you while away the dark hours? Leave me a suggestion!

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